H.O. Trerice Company

Mason-Dallas, Inc. is proud to offer H.O. Trerice as one off our premier product lines.

​From their start in 1923 in Detroit, the H. O. Trerice Co. has remained true to the commitment of their founder: QUALITY in both PRODUCT and SERVICE. This commitment has placed Trerice as a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of temperature and pressure measurement and controls.


500X Series
700 Series
D80 Series
450 Series
600CB Series
610CB Series
620CB Series
690 Series
750 Series
800B Series
Test Gauges
Optional Case Styles
Optional Features


Remote Mounted Stainless Steel
Remote Mounted Aluminum Case
Direct Mounted Universal Angle
Direct Mounted Adjustable Angle
Options and Accessories
RTD & Thermocouple Sensors
Digital Temperature Indicator
Indicator Selection Switch
Options and Accessories
Industrial Thermometers
Econo Thermometers
Dial Thermometers
Biometals, Thermocouples, & RTDs
SX9 Solar Therm
Adjustable Angle Series
Hydro-Therm Series
Econo-Therm Series
BX Plus Series
Rigid Stem Series
Options and Accessories
Adjustable Angle
Bottom Connect
Rear Connect
Bimetal Plus


91000 Series
Thermowells for 91000 Series
Thermal System Selection for 91000
Valve Bodies for 91000 & 91400
Valve Bodies for 91600
91000XT Series Tank Thermostat
921 Series (High Capacity)
995 Series (Steam, Water, Air, Oil)
1100 Series (Pipeline Strainer)
TR890 Series
L84000 Series
Thermal System Selction for L84000
Thermowells for L84000
Solenoid Valve
I/P Transducer
Air Filter / Regulator
Solid State Relay
Temperature Sensors
Thermowells for Temperature Sensors
910 Series Compact Control Valve
910 Valve Body – Bronze (Single Seat)
910 Valve Body – Bronze (Double Seat)
910 Valve Body – Cast Iron (Double Seat)
910 Valve Body – Cast Steel (Single Seat)
910 Value Body – Stainless Steel (Single)
910 T Valve Body – Bronze
910T 3-Way Value – Bronze
910T 3-Way Valve – Cast Iron
910T 3-Way Valve – Stainless Steel
910EP Valve Body – Bronze (Equal %)
940 Series – Heavy-Duty Control Valve
940 Valve Body – Bronze (Single Seat)
940 Valve Body – Cast Iron (Single Seat)
940 Valve Body – Cast Iron (Double Seat)
940 Valve Body – Stainless Steel (Single)
940 3-Way Valve – Bronze
940 3-Way Valve – Stainless Steel
940 3-Way Valve – Cast Iron

940E Series – Electric Motor Control Valve
940E Valve Body – Bronze (Single Seat)
940E Valve Body – Cast Iron (Single Seat)
940E Valve Body – Cast Iron (Double)
940E Valve Body – Stainless Steel (Single)
940E 3-Way Valve – Bronze
940E 3-Way Valve – Cast Iron
940E 3-Way Valve – Stainless Steel
Technical Information